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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the site be setup in such a way that I can change things? --- The website can be setup in such a way that you may maintain yourself. Scheduled live training meetings are available via the internet to give you the opportunity to practice administering your site.

How long would it take to get the site up and functional? --- From start to finish the site would be up and running within one business week. Once the domain is purchased you will be able to connect to it using the domain name by the end of that day. It can take up to 3 days from date of purchase for the site to show up on search engines such as Google and Yahoo however sites usually show up in 1 – 2 days.

Will users be able to make payments online? --- Payments can be accepted online using services such as PayPal. If you currently have a PayPal account, that account can be connected to your website.

Do I have exclusive rights to information? --- Any information pertaining to your website or database belongs to you. Scott System Design will provide all information (source code, login information, third party contacts, etc..) to account holders. However, Scott System Design reserves the right to use custom made materials as we see fit.

Does Scott System Design make house call? --- Yes, Scott System Design currently services Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater , Orlando, Atlanta, Miami and West Palm Beach with plans to expand to other cities soon. We travel within these cities assisting customers but if need be we would make arrangments to travel to other locations as well.

How long would it take to setup a database? --- The time frame is based upon the size of your database. The larger the database, the longer it takes to be built.

What types of software do you use to build websites? --- Scott System Design uses a variety of software for development such as Microsoft Office Suite products, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, Notepad, WordPad, Smart FTP, FileZilla, IIS, Adobe Flash / Fireworks / Photoshop, as well as many others. Scott System Design also uses newly developed products that are often beta versions.

Why didnt I get anything for talking my friend into becoming a customer? --- By law, affiliates tax information must be on file in order for them to receive commissions. If you are not already an affiliate please signup. If you are an affiliate please make sure your tax information is on file.

Does Scott System Design charge for maintenance? --- Scott System Design does charge for maintenance but only after the initial year of service. Maintenance fees are all inclusive for your website for the first year. Please click here for the price of maintenance fees after the first year.

If you didnt find what your looking for please contact us .